Monday, November 14, 2011

Snowy Mountain Bike Ride

Even though it hasn't snowed in over a week here, it's been so cold the snow we got hasn't melted. In spite of that we thought we would check out the trails in the neighborhood....
I will tell you now, we need 4-wheel drive for our 2-wheeled bikes!
Jim trying to stay upright. Snow is so slippery!
Even with these knobby tires, no traction!
Soon we will be Nordic skiing to this hut.
Paw prints a-plenty
Even the beaver pond is starting to freeze over.
Our other activity today was wrapping up all the small and young trees around the house. Soon the snow will be at least to the bottom of that window!

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  1. you need chains on your bikes girl!! Yikes, it's only mid November too.