Friday, May 22, 2015

Beers Made By Walking

We have been remiss in our blog posting.... but thought we would make it up to you by sharing our photos from a hike on the Scout Camp Trail which is a three-mile loop into the Deschutes Canyon, dropping about 700 feet from the trailhead. Wychus Creek, which flows from the Three Sisters volcanoes, joins the Deschutes across the river from the trail.
This hike was a put on by the Oregon Natural Desert Association ONDA
and Beers Made by Walking with the brewer from Crux Fermentation Project .
You can read all about the concept and see a cool video in the Bend Bulletin
Hope you enjoy the photos!

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  1. That looks like some pretty rugged country for hiking, but beautiful. Hiking around our state would be boring for you as we're much more flat with gentle hills. Nice to see Daffy hiking right along - what a girl and who would have thought!!!!