Saturday, June 27, 2015


In addition to all the other attractions and activities in Bend
 there is also a sanctuary for chimpanzees. Today we visited Chimps Inc 
You can read about them here:

Do you see the 2 chimps in the window awaiting our arrival?
They have enclosed walkways from the indoor area to outside areas.

Lesley, founder and director, is giving a talk

They also have 2 lynx but was so warm today they were sleeping where is was cool...

One of the indoor play areas

these warning signs are all over....

The garden where the chimps can point to what treat they want!

working on enrichment....trying to figure out how to get the plum..

There is a large pasture out front... 2 mares with babies!

and no blog post is complete without a pix of these 2..
a little frolicking....
what.... we weren't doing anything....


  1. What fun! I loved the "garden where the chimps can pick what they want." CHIMPS, Inc does great work, don't they?

  2. What a wonderful place! And don't you just love those innocent expressions in the last pic?! :D