Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Foodies For Furkids

A couple of our friends on twitter came up with a great fundraising idea. How about an anipal cook book? But people recipes made by our furbabies.....With pictures and everything! And with proceeds going to help our anipal friends in need.
You have got to check this out.
Ours came in the mail today and I am very impressed with it.
There are great recipes in here I can't wait to try.

Here is a little sneak preview...

TSK checking out the book...

Daffy has to look too!

HEY!!! That's us! We look good!
Many of our pals contributed recipes
@3PhiBottecelli Phi and Sadie
@MewmewMurphy Murphy and Curly
@whskr Dashkitten
@TattleCat Herman, Adorapurr and Gidget
@NoCryBabyDogs Daffy and TSK
@LilyLuWhoT Lily and Luna

Each contributing pal has their own chef photo and bio.... how cool is that!
(pictured are just a few)

I already have some recipes picked out to try soon. I hope you order this cookbook. It's a great book for a great cause.... helping our friends in need.

A huge thanks to Skeeter's mom Kathy and Raphael's mom Deb for putting this book together.

You can order the cook book here: 
These would make the perfect gifts for your vet, groomer, dog walker, pet sitter, friends and family!

and after all that excitement it was time to take a nap in the parkas 


  1. What a clever idea. Some of the best recipes available are through these types of cookbooks. Everyone enters their best recipe. I have a feeling TSK is more into cooking/baking than Daffy, lol. Love the pictures as usual.

  2. What a great idea. I placed an order. I hope the book includes TSK and Daffy! he he