Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ingrid and Daffy

Many scoff at Social Media.... 
but I know how powerful it can be. 
You see, I am a part of a community, a family, on twitter.
We are a group of folks that have a common thread that binds us.
Our love of animals.
I am a member of the Anipal Community.
In that community there are people that tweet as themselves (like I do), and people that tweet as their pet (dog, cat, fish, bird, etc) and even their stuffed animals.
And it was in that community that I met Ingrid. She tweeted as her dog Daffy.
Daffy is fun, and smart, and a #StormChaser, even though she has her own #FraidyCloset
She and her mom live in Kansas, in the house that her parents had lived in for many years.
Ingrid had a difficult life these past few years, suffering from various ailments and was diagnosed with lung cancer last year. 
A couple of years ago Ingrid wanted to make sure Daffy would be cared for after she was no longer able to.
I became that person. I promised her I would give Daffy a forever home when the time came.
That time came February 18th. Ingrid passed away peacefully while in the hospital.
She was my friend, I loved her and I will miss her.

Ingrid throughout the years. (bottom right pix taken by Paige when she visited)

Some of our friends have written posts about Ingrid, and I will share a couple here. They are lovely and I hope you read them. 
 Janeson Keely @janeson59 Here and Thomas @puppynumber7 Here
@MariodaCat Here

In keeping my promise, we are bringing Daffy home to us in Oregon.
Jim and I were going to drive from here to Great Bend KS to get her.
And then....the power of the anipal community stepped up.
Pals offering to help drive Daffy from KS to OR!
If that isn't the most generous and caring thing, I don't know what is.
And really, as I think of it it shouldn't surprise me. The anipal community is one of the most caring group of pals. Helping friends when they need it, raising funds for shelters with 'pawties', and being a great group of friends.
So on Monday Daffy will leave KS and over the next few days make her way here. 
Daffy has been staying with Ingrid's dear friend Lori. Lori has known Ingrid for many years and were very close. Lori has been instrumental in helping us arrange Daffy's pick up in KS.
I know Lori is missing her dear friend, Ingrid, and will miss sweet Daffy as well. But knows that Daffy will be ok and Ingrid is watching over us all. Thank you Lori, for everything.
Lori and Daffy


The route to being Daffy to OR, photo courtesy of @ChatteMuse
The wonderful friends that are helping with the transport

If you are on twitter, follow the hashtag #4Legs4Daffy to take the adventure with her!
Beautiful image from @Chattemuse

Funeral Home guest book 
Stay tuned for part 2 when Daffy arrives here.
Thank you Paige, Heidi, and Heather. Have a safe drive everyone!

Please join @MadLabM for Ingrid's Global Memorial March


  1. Been an honor to help at nipclub for shelters for years but hen me heard you were driving CO to OR yourself, I had to arrange a way for u to get trip down to one day. Thrilled Heather agreed and all pals so Happy to help. Hug.

    1. Luff yoo Sadie, Phi & Mom! Gib dat Daffy a huge hug & kiss from us! ❤❤❤

    2. I love the twitter community. Bless you all

  2. Oh pawsome I'm glad Daffy will be furever with you, tsk, Mr P it brought Ingrid so much peace xoxo Community amazing

  3. Beautiful post! We're all so happy Daffy will be living with you. We know that must have meant the world to Ingrid and given her such peace, knowing Daffy will remain in the community, loved and cherished Chattemuse's road map is wonderful. We'll be following you all on Twitter, all the way home.

    Much love,

  4. Nan has been telling her friends and family about the power of twitter and the love that the anipal community have for each other. Say what you like about social media, this just goes to show how strong our attachments are and how much we care. Aunty Dana, Uncle Jim, Aunty Lori, Aunty Paige, Aunty Heidi, Aunty Heather, you are all pawsome. Thank you for your kindness to Aunty Ingrid and Daffy. You are truly Earth Angels

  5. All of us have said this so many time and I would like to add my thought as well that we DO indeed have the oat caring and loving of close-knit communities in Twitter in our Anipals. I love them and Katiebella and AdmiralHestorb are proud to be members.
    Thank you for these photos of Ingrid and Daffy. xxoo

  6. Pee Ess: I know Daffy will be forever loved and cared for with you. I too am intensely grateful for the helping angels bringing her to you.

  7. This is a beautiful post about a beautiful lady who is very much missed on Twitter. I'm thrilled that Daffy is going to live with you and be loved until she goes to join Ingrid OTRB

  8. Wat a wonderful coming together of furrends, little Daffy will haz a noo happy home. Thanks you so much to efurryone making teh journey an Dana, tsk an Mr P fur opening yer home an hearts. xoxoxo

  9. Oh Miss Dana, yer blog post iz pawfek! We nodded in agweement wif all yoo shared. Yoo & Daffy are bonded forebber frew yer luff fur Ingrid. She can rest peacefully, knowing her beloved Daffy iz safe & luffed. Mom keeps gettin leaky eyes obber da beauty ub #4Legs4Daffy. Wishin bloo skies & open roads to BlessedBeagle, 3Phibotticelli, BaileyTheDane & you! We wif yoo all in spirit. ❤❤❤

  10. Dearest Dana, you have brought tears to our eyes more than once in the time we've come to know you with your kindness to all in our community. You inspire us on so many different levels to be better, kinder, more giving of ourselves. We are blessed to know you. We join all our dear anipals who are with you, BlessedBeagle, Phi & Baily in spirit on this journey of love.

  11. Dear Dana, this is a beautiful tribute to Ingrid, and I'm so happy you are sharing all this information. Mario will be doing something in his blog on Monday, the day of Ingrid's funeral because she was special to us too. . We are going to refer pals over to your link and will keep ours short.. You have done so much for so many. You are the angel of the Twitter Anipal World. Pixel's mom said it all above and I can't say it any better. Thank you for all you do and for being special.

  12. Dana what a lovely tribute and thank you for giving Ingrid that peace of mind knowing her beloved companion would be well cared for and loved until their eternal reunion. This is so moving. You are indeed an angel here on Earth. As are your fellow angels helping transport Daffy to you.

  13. So much love in what was also a very sad occurrence. You're right, Dana, the anipal community is marvelous! Stripey and I send Godspeed to all on the #4Legs4Daffy road trip! We'll be keeping up with Daffy's adventures :-) >^..^<

  14. Dana, thank you for all of this, the wonderful photos, your sweet and true words about our little community and, most of all, for bringing Daffy into your family forever. Thank you to the amazing people I call friends for transporting Daffy to Oregon. While I can't provide driving help, I am happy to give to a gas and snacks fund for the drivers and Daffy.

  15. Dana, what a lovely post about dear Ingrid. God Bless you for taking Daffy, I know Ingrid is resting easy knowing her baby will be okay. Everyone has already said what I am feeling- the anipal community is strong and loving and I am blessed to be part of it. Yes if there is a Gas/Snack fund please let us know!
    Henry, Pluto, and Kim

  16. A beautiful post about a beautiful person by a beautiful person. Thank you and thank you to all who have stepped up to make this happen. Love is the strongest power of all whether we have met or not

  17. A lovely tribute to a beautiful lady and the wonderful anipals who have stepped in to help bring Daffy to her new home in Central Oregon. It will be an new adventure for Daffy. She is where she will be loved and cared her new Forever Home. ~Willy and Jaymee

  18. Dear Pixie,
    Your post filled my heart with sadness, but at the same time, with transcending joy. A true testament that friendship is eternal. Thank you for everything you do, Pixie.
    Fluffs, Niqqi and Mom

  19. Wishing everyone a safe journey. Miss Dana and Daffy we wish u a smooth transition and integration of Daffy into da household in her new home. Good luck all!
    Love Gromek peanut & mom n dad

  20. This is so beautiful. What a touching tribute. Bless everyone who is pulling together to make a new home for Daffy.
    God Speed.

  21. We are humbled beyond words at the generosity of Paige and Heather and Heidi. And there aren't words enough to express our admiration for Dana and what you do. You truly are the glue that binds the anipal community together and we love you!
    ~ purrs and hugs, Maxwell, Faraday, Allie and Angel Ryker

  22. You are all angels! Safe journey. I will be sending loving thoughts to guide you. ~iamDaisyDoo & Max_Doolittle & mom

  23. You are all angels! Safe journey. I will be sending loving thoughts to guide you. ~iamDaisyDoo & Max_Doolittle & mom

  24. You are all fortunate to have shared a common love of animals. Daffy couldn't be luckier to be joining your family.

  25. I am so moved by this story and love everyone is sharing. Amazing group of friends!!

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  27. I am very sorry that your friend has passed away. Some day there will be no pain from such losses, but until then we will always suffer such pain, I'm afraid.

    I read about Ingrid's passing somewhere else, and was very pleased to read that her Daffy would be cared for. The Cat Blogosphere has done similar things for others. Genetleman Beau, and Rose and the Royals lost their humans but found new homes through the concern of other bloggers. So these troublesome social media do have their uses, I agree. It is through acts such as yours, taking care of those who survive, that the pain of loss is mitigated a little.

    I wanted to thank you for your message of condolence regarding my friend, Bear-Bear. I will always miss him. What a sweet, harmless, loving little guy he was. Thank you for reading his memorial.

    (I deleted the first version of this post. It didn't say what I wanted it to. I apologise.)