Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ingrid and Daffy - Part 2

 Part 2 of Daffy's Journey
(if you haven't read Part 1, please scroll to prior post)

Ingrid's service was on February 24th in Great Bend, KS
Paige (@BlessedBeagle) was able to attend since she drove from CO to KS on Sunday.
Also three other twitter friends of Ingrid's were coming from out of town and out of state too!
The moms of @VincentRocket, @RemydogIG and @FrankieTheIG (Lori, Stacy, and Heather) were all in attendance
The anipal community is so thankful that these 4 lovely ladies could attend. They brought with them the love of us all for Ingrid.
Thank you.

The lovely Lily from @Samsonsmama3

Lori, Stacy, and Heather- they met for the first time but have been friends for years!

At the vet picking up Daffy, before Paige drives back to CO

#4Legs4Daffy begins Monday Feb 24. Leg 1- Paige drives Daffy from Great Bend KS to Denver CO
Daffy did great in the car, loves Sarah and Paige!
Leg 2 - Tuesday Feb 25
Daffy is met by Phi and Sadie's parents in CO to be driven through WY to UT
to meet up with Leg 3
(at the same time we are driving from Bend OR to Twin Falls ID).

Daffy with Phi's parents for Leg 2, she loved them!
Leg 2.1 handoff in SLC Utah with Heather (@BaileyTheDane)

Daffy got to spend the night in SLC and had fun with Bailey and Heather!
Leg 3- Wednesday Feb 25, Heather drives Daffy from SLC UT to out Burley ID
to meet us for the final leg.

She's here!! And she is just adorable!
Leg 4 (final leg - Burley to Bend) Wednesday Feb 26, we drive Daffy to her new forever home with us.

Daffy is a great little traveler, snuggled in Ingrid's bathrobe....And she likes to help drive!

We made it to Oregon! Welcome to your new State, Daffy!
TSK and Daffy meet..I think this is going to work out just fine, like we knew it would!

Daffy slept soundly through the night and awoke with a wag of her tail and kisses for us.
Daffy sure doesn't travel lightly!
Daffy's Beautiful Passport made by Phi and her mom!

So after 1538 miles over 3 days across 6 states Daffy's journey is complete.
She will start her new life here with us, though she keeps Ingrid in her heart always. As we all do.

We can't thank the members of our transport team enough! You made what would have been a long trip for us much more manageable. Thank you Phi for getting this going!

@SmartScaryKitty made a Storify of the #4Legs4Daffy tweets. And I hear we even trended on Twitter!!  You can read it here 
A special thanks to #TheAviators who did fly-overs to ensure safe travels for us all, and helped spread the word of Daffy's journey. And to the #BBOT and the #PA who rode along.

Thank you to everyone who supported the transport team these last few days. You have been great!
Ingrid can rest easy with a smile on her face and joy in her heart for sure.
Thank you


  1. This sad story certainly has a happy ending for Daffy. I will look forward to further stories about your life with Daffy. She is one luky little dog. Hug hug hug

  2. Leaky eyes here again. What started out to be a sad story, has ended with a bitter sweet happy ending. We all wish Ingrid was still with us, but since she was needed in heaven, we are extremely happy that you have taken her in and given her a home. We're also extremely grateful for all the transporters - driving long distances in winter weather just to get Daffy to her new mom and dad. You people are all Daffy's human angels, while Ingrid will be her guardian angel now. We are so bless to call all of you friends.

  3. Big hugs Dana and Mr pixie and of corse, all da peeple who halped bring daffy to you. It is so hartwarming to noes sumthing gud came owt of a tragedy. Love to you all xx

  4. @JustAnotherTrnd
    Ingrid was wise to have a plan for Daffy, and blessed to have Dana and Jim agree to be Daffy's new Mom & Dad. The sadness of losing Ingrid will linger forever, but there is a bittersweet joy in knowing Daffy has the furever home that Ingrid wanted. The drivers were so selfless in being part of the team to get Daffy to her new home.

  5. Me & Mom sending much love to all involved in dis speshul journey. We miss Ingrid sumfing pawful but we knoze she iz happy & healthy in heaven and Daffy iz happy & healthy in her new home wif Dana & Jim. *hugs* xo

  6. Wow, simply amazing. We'll certainly miss Ingrid, but I know that she's able to rest in peace, knowing Daffy is well loved. Looks like Daffy fits right in with her new family. Thank you and thank you all that helped share her journey.

  7. It is truly an inspiring story from beginning to New Beginning. We are so lucky to be part of this amazing Anipal Community. Sending all our love & hugs

  8. Great pix of her trip and her passport. Fun to be a part of Daffy trip. Hug u.