Friday, December 7, 2012

Of Sun and Skis

TSK has been loving the new house! As the sun makes its way around he follows it from room to room. He especially likes the guest room as it gets the good morning sun.
If you come visit us, TSK is sure to be your roommate! :)


Now that we have gotten the boxes out of the garage there is a spot to set up the wax bench.
and a-waxing we go!

The iron is heating up while I get the skis

First up, the Nordic. Skating and Striding

Then I wax the Alpine skis, now all are ready for scraping.

Wax on.... wax off....looks a little like snow!
All waxed and ready for the snow
Back in the ski/boot closet ready at a moments notice!
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  1. Wow that waxing is quite the process isn't it?
    TSK is one lucky happy cat to have such beautiful sun puddles all around the house

  2. I would love to come visit and I would eXPECT and honored to have TSK as a roommate. he he - I think it's his room now.