Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chanukah Blog Crawl

Welcome everyone to the Chanukah Blog Crawl!

It's my turn and I am talking about latkes. 
Those yummy fried potato pancakes we all love to eat. 
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Me making latkes last year at my sisters house

Like most Jewish holidays, Hanukkah has food traditions. Fried foods like latkes and sufganiyot (jelly filled donuts) are especially popular.

Hanukkah celebrates the oil that burned for eight days so fried foods are popular as they remind us of the miracle of the holiday.

In my family, for some reason, I am always the one that ends up with latke duty.  Peeling, grating, draining the never-ending liquid that comes out of the potatoes. Chopping the onions that always make me cry, and frying them up.
And of course the fact that I smell like latkes for days after. Another favorite dish our family has at Haunukkah is Noodle Kugel (I make mine without the raisins) and it's yummy!

 @Ryker_Tyker 's family made regular potato, purple potato, and sweet potato latkes. Very colorful!

We have tried different recipes over the years, but always have the traditional latke as well. They are typically served with sour cream and apple sauce. The link here has a good traditional recipe plus some other not so traditional. Might try a few of those next year!

TSK in the holiday spirit

TSKs Hanukkah Miracle Wish is that every
pet had a forever home.
And that
May all who are lost, be found
May all who are ill, be well
May all in harms way, be safe
May all without homes, be loved.
My family and friends, Hanukkah 2011
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  1. Mommy had to laff at your "smell like latkes" comment. SO true! But they're soooo nommy!

    We think Tsk looks mighty fine all decked out for the holidays too!

  2. You have a blog? I never knew that. TW likes the idea of those jelly donuts and the rest of the food sounds good too. Happy Chanukah!

  3. Dat is one tasty blog post! (Mom's opinion especially-personally I prefer DONUTS!!! MROW!) Mom has never been good at makin latkes-dem always comes out soggy or soft! bleh!

    1. Latke Making Tips If they come out soggy or soft this may help.
      Make sure your pan or skillet with the oil for frying is fairly hot. I even add a few pats of butter into the oil used to fry my latkes. Dat's what gets them crsipy. The other important thing. Always squeeze out all water from the raw shredded potatoes as your can. If potatoes have water you end up steaming instead of frying latkes, hence soggy, bleh.

      Hope this helps. Lovingly offered by, AdoptedMomToChazz

  4. We love your holiday wish. Happy Chanukah! We make latkes from scratch and serve with a horseradish creme fraiche and donuts but have not mastered the jelly ones!

  5. Yummy! Love latkes! I also make lokshen kugel. I ginormous one. :-) I think I gained at least 5 lbs. reading your blog post.
    Happy Chanukah!

    Darlene (and the Amazing Aimee)

  6. Hey TSK, Jet here. Hi Miss Dana.

    So great to meet you on the Channukah Blog Crawl... especially since we both got to write about latkes! We LOVE the tri-color potato idea... well actually, Mom does, since I'm color blind, more or less.

  7. Happy Hanukkah Moody Family! Tsk luks qwite serene and comfy. I hopes you haf a nice holiday.

  8. Mom iz laughing cuz our house still smells like latkes from all the frying she's been doing...TSK looks most festive in his Chanukah gear...Happy Chanukah to you and all your family!