Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Home Sweet Home

It seemed as though it would never come... but here we are! In our new house in Bend. And it's great!
Took possession on a Monday, the movers came to deliver our stuff from Truckee on Tuesday and it's been non stop unpacking and setting up housekeeping ever since. 

The horror of moving day! Where to begin?

TSK loving the stairs!

The great room, and it's  GREAT room!

guest bedroom
View from guest bedroom

guest den

Kitchen and Dining room

deck, office, the cutest cat ever, master
We are loving our new house and we were already loving Bend. We will be very happy here!
Here are a couple bonus photos below
A view of Mt Bachelor between two layers of clouds.

Some locals passing by...
Thanks for reading our blog!


  1. Yayy me run run hop on guest bed. OO it's cozy. Zzz. Bootiful house glad u dere!

  2. Run run run flip on bed run run run with tsk. I so happy for all of you pawsome xoxox

  3. diamondbertie loves your new house, I see your guest room looks marvellous I wish I could visit, good luck and enjoy your new place, it looks wonderful

  4. WOW a dream home in a beautiful location ... very happy for the Moody Family as they so deserve this. I see that Tsk has given it his seal of approval too!

  5. Miss Dana, good luck on your new house.. It's so beautiful & mom loves your isle.. Tsk gives his paw of approval.. MOL (CONCATS)

  6. This is Purrime Ministerettes.

    Bootifullest TSK, bootiful Kingdom Palace you has. We concattulate you.

    But who is them two hoomans? Is them intruders? And them gets that guest room?! Dude, them can be in basement! Guest room must be for Purrime Ministerettes wiz purrple blankets and sheets.


  7. *zoomies thru the rooms and leaps onto guest bed with pals* Miss Dana, this is a pawsome house and area to live in ! *looking out the windows at the beeyootiful scenery* I might never leave ! *curls up on bed for snoozies* xxx

  8. That is gorgeous and looks like you and Jim. I'm so happy for you. Mario & Mom

  9. The house is truly stunning and you have already put your mark on it! TSK loving the stairs is exactly what I expected!! Be happy in your new forever home.

  10. Wow. Way cool. Happy settling in Dana!!

  11. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Pure eye candy scenery! Happy for you! XOX ~Bad Andy