Friday, November 16, 2012

The Final Countdown

We have waiting to do a new blog post until we had some big news. But the last month has mostly been waiting. When we were busy with three real estate transactions the phone was always ringing. Now we are done with that and everyone has quit calling leaving us a little more time to
explore our new town while we wait to move into our new house. 
Our wait is almost over as the countdown is now in days, rather than weeks.
Bend is GREAT! We have rediscovered mountain biking... actually we have become beer drinking mountain bikers in Oregon instead of the wine drinking road riders we were in California.
Bend has over a dozen or more breweries! And a ton of good restaurants.
We are very thankful we had the RV to live in while we wait to move, but now can't wait to get out of it and get it in storage. Don't think we will be planning any RV trips anytime soon since living in it for going on 3 months. It's been ok, but now getting tiresome since our move in date is just around the corner. TSK can't wait! He will have so much room for zoomies and endless sunpuddles.
Here are some images of various outings.

Jim in action!

Broken Top in the distance at Swede Hut

Big Skies in Central Oregon

water feature

Parking Passes... we are ready!

Drake Park, a very popular spot for photogs

Deschutes River, Drake Park

Cyclocross races in downtown

Our next post will be from our new house as we get onto mover mode... unpacking and setting housekeeping. We are so ready!

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  1. Great pictures Dana and very beautiful country. Nice to hear there is another beer drinking state in addition to Wisconsin. 3-months in an RV is a bit much. You did right well to survive it tho. I'll bet TSK runs for a month straight when he first moves in to the new house after being cooped up in an RV - nice as they are, they are small.