Monday, October 3, 2011

An Autumnal Ride

Fall is here.... not that there was ever a summer for fall to fall into.  The snow melted (after 7 months of winter), and it never really got warm like summer can here in the mountains. And we now have a 'winter storm warning' for the next couple of days to come. Oh joy.
So today we decided to go for a mountain bike ride in the cool weather. Trails are still in good condition tho some of the water crossings are pretty high still, opt for the bridge.
We rode on the trail system that we can access from our home. Some of the leaves are just starting to turn. Soon the Aspen Grove near us will be full of vibrant gold, yellow, red, and orange leaves. Photos here for sure when they do.
Alder Creek runs through our neighborhood. Along the miles of creek there are many Beaver ponds. Would sure love to see a beaver one of these days!
Jim using his expert mountain biking skills (ie. not crashing) along the trails.
Bridge over one of the many ponds

See any beaver in there??? I looked for them!
Bridge over a marshy area.

Oh yeah, remember the jam we got? (See post from Sept 28 ) It is excellent as a snack on the bike. Peanut Butter and Italian Jam on cute little mini bread!


They (yes, that 'they') say snow is coming Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Check back here for photos if it does happen! We may be doing our 'shoveling workout' then.


  1. Pretty fall colors. It would be neat to see a beaver but you probably have to be out at just the right time of day.

  2. Beautiful country. You sure do live in a gorgeous area, if it just didn't snow so much. I can't believe that there are winter storm warnings already. It just seems like yesterday that the snow finally melted. I love the fall season - if it just didn't mean winter was around the corner. Nothing like taking a walk with the sound of leaves crunching under your feet. Must be like that on a bike too.

  3. diamondbertie says "storm warnings!!! such beauty has it's price" the photos are lovely, thank you for sharing