Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Leaving the snow behind - A trip to Peavine Mountain

Perhaps you are aware that our little town of Truckee gets a bit of snow. Usually measured in tens of feet. If you live here year round it's probably because you like snow and snowplay. And we do. But a foot on snow in the first week of October just doesn't seem right. So, after we shoveled ourselves out we decided to head to a lower elevation and warmer temps and to explore an area we had heard of but never visited - Peavine Mountain in Reno.

Peavine Mountain is a real treasure for people in Reno. It is National Forest land right in their backyard with miles of trails to explore by bike or hike. We took our Mountain Bikes and way too many layers of clothing and set out.

You can almost hear the slot machines from the trails. If you are familiar with Reno you might be able to name three or four casinos in this photo. It does make route finding pretty easy... just head toward the nearest buffet to find your car.
Despite it convenient location and the number of visitors it is a very big area with a real rural feel. The trails range from cow path to singletrack to 'constructed' mountain bike trails to jeep roads. 

The juxtaposition of the city and the country provides some photo ops for Dana.

The open green area in the above pix is a dog park! The biggest we have ever seen. If we were quiet on the bikes (stopped huffing and puffin) you could hear some barking.

Heading back into the storm and snow at the top of that hill....


  1. Wow, thank you for a view into a different world Dana

  2. Great pictures. It looks like a different world to us too. I especially liked the shot looking back towards the mountain where all the snow waa. I'd escape too - probably permanently.

  3. The pictures are great! Since we never been to Reno and really want to go someday. You saw snow before us this year. :)