Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bang! Bang!

Jim and I are enrolled in the Bend Police Citizens Academy.
You can read about it here BPD Citizens Academy

Oregon has new animal abuse laws on the books this year. In anticipation of implementing these laws, Bend City Police has asked for help from Bend Spay and Neuter Project, where I volunteer. If they go out on an animal abuse case, or a hoarding situation, they need help from a veterinarian, a photographer, & people who know how to physically handle the animals. (cops are not trained how to handle a feral cat). In order to be liability covered on such calls, Bend Police requires that they be graduates of Citizen's Academy.

So far we have had 6 of the 9 classes. We have learned allot about our town and the Bend PD.
We have enjoyed the classes...and seeing the awesome K9 officers!
Today was an optional class.... shoot a gun at the PD shooting range.

I have never held a gun, shot a gun, been anywhere near a gun. Neither has Jim.
In the class, us 2 and one other person had never had any gun experience. Oregon sure is a gun-toting state! But is was quite the experience and I'm glad we went. Can't say I want to do it again but in this controlled area with police instructors around it was fun.

Here are some pix of the day....

and a short video here
Not sure about this ear-wear... Looks like Mickey Mouse Ears!

 Jim is getting instruction from Officer Scott Vincent
 And away he shoots!

 He did great! Look at his target!
 Our friend, and fellow BSNP volunteer getting some pointers.
 Vikki is an experienced shooter, so of course she did great!
Got my clip, ready to go! 

Waiting my turn..... yikes!
 Getting instruction from Sgt Adam Junke

And away I shoot! First shot was dead center!
Adam telling the class that I did great, having no experience with guns, I hit the target every time.

Me and my target....... 
Next time you are attacked by a piece of cardboard, I'm your marksperson!

Jim also tried one of the 'Big Guns' they had... A fully automatic M something.... The SWAT team gun, with a suppressor. 
He looks pretty fierce! I wouldn't mess with him! 

All in all it was very informative and fun. Glad we went.