Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pizza on the Barbie

We have a bit more deck space here so we got this barbeque. Mostly so we could make it in to a pizza oven. Made in Australia no less! So I guess we should call it a "barbie"
Tonight was the maiden pizza voyage...

The BBQ, A Beefeater Discovery

With the way cool shiny red pizza oven hood

pizza toppings

pizza dough

getting hot...579F/300C !

a well used pizza stone

pizzas ready to go in! (ok, so they aren't quite round...anyone have any tips for dough spinning?)


2 finished pizzas and oh, so yummy!
The maiden voyage of the pizza oven was a huge success! 
Pizzas were yummy! Dough was cooked well, and only took a few minutes in there.
We have tried a few other things on just the BBQ, and all were good!
Corn on the cob!

Corn and Chicken

Corn and fish on a plank
So far our grilling has been a great success. We haven't had to toss anything yet! But we are still learning so if you are are pitmaster please send your suggestions! 


  1. Woohoo - I'll be over for dinner. Really a nice grill and you will enjoy it.

  2. So do you have room for a corgi girl? :)