Sunday, June 23, 2013

Crater Lake

First Time Ever!
The Park Service closed the road (except for a few miles) around Crater Lake to cars. Which meant cyclists could enjoy the ride without fear of being run off a narrow winding road by a car or motorhome.
Since this was an opportunity we couldn't pass up we rode it on Saturday since Sunday was predicted (and they were right) to be rainy.
You can read about Crater Lake

This was our first visit and we were very impressed. It's a spectacular place. Hope you enjoy the photos we took of our ride.

The Lake is so clear that the reflections are amazing!

This little guy stuffing his already fat cheeks

Two Bikes, Two Riders, Two Skies

Still quite a bit of snow up there

Phantom Ship

 Wizard Island

Wizard Island

Wizard Island

Vidae Falls

The road..... car-free!

 Dana avoiding the falling rock

In the background: Mount Thielsen (9184ft/2799m) another volcano
Some guy with his bike


  1. Oh Dana - those pictures are fabulous. What a beautiful area.