Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Big Night

 Our new dining room chairs finally arrived from exotic, far away Canada after 8 weeks. And they look great...well worth the wait!
Since we now had chairs we decided we needed to have a dinner party to test them out.
We invited our neighbors Joan and Bill and Judy and Roger.
After getting a date and time set we needed to figure out what the menu was going to be. We decided on a Timballo. If any of you have seen the movie The Big Night (see clip here) you'll recognize it.
It is also called Timpano, because of it's drum like shape. There are many variations of the recipe and we've combined a few different ones to make ours.
This time out our Timballo consists of sauteed eggplant and garlic, turkey sausage cooked in wine, mozzerella and parmegiano reggiano cheese, pasta in marinara, marinara and hard boiled eggs all layered in a pastry dough lined bowl.
Here are photos of our cooking and assemblage:

diced eggplant and garlic, smells so good while cooking

turkey sausage simmering in wine thru the steam, freshly grated cheeses
pastry dough rolled out
fits in the bowl! whew!
all ingredients ready for assemblage
starting the layering
ready for the oven
bakes for approximately one hour 50 minutes
Out of the oven and successfully flipped! Needs to rest upside down in the bowl for at least 20 minutes
Getting the Spritz aperitif ready, cin cin
Table is set... great looking chairs!
The Timballo was a success! Buon Appetito!

We had a wonderful time with our new friends. Good food and good company.
oh yes.... the chairs were very comfortable!


  1. I love "The Big Night" Think I've seen it a dozen time now...Your Timballo is beautiful! Great job...SAve me a slice please ;)

  2. I remember my wife's cousin cooking us timboli in Italy to celebrate us being there and the festive season. It was one of many plates in a 7 course meal!