Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sun, Moon and Kitty Cat

In true Bend fashion they do a full moon ski at @MeissnerNordic and perhaps on any other size moon as well! We decided to take advantage of the mild night time temps (25 F) and have a ski.
It was fun and we just might have to do it again!

The full moon peeking through the trees and clouds

At the Meissner Hut, the light in the distance is Bend

Jim at the fire pit warming up.... 

Cameras at the ready!
Earlier in the week we got out for a road ride!
No matter where you are and what you do there is a vista to be had!
And this blog post would not be complete without a few pix of our kitty!
We got him a cat tree, and he loves it!
and it's the prefect height to get great pix of him!

all that playing,climbing,scampering wore him out!


  1. Pawsome!! Looks like ya'll had fun!

  2. OOOt the bootifuliest moon! They do bikini ski winter nights here! Hee dat one for TSK! He is cute in his tree! Great pix! Hug.

  3. Great pictures. The moon is awesome. TSK is adorable all tucked into a baby blankey!

  4. Just found your blog from a google search. Very interesting so far and you have a very cute kitty!

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