Tuesday, March 27, 2012


tsk in his place on the dash, with Mr Pickles
Ok, so we aren't exactly snow birds (what they call the folks that live in cold climes and take their RVs to sunnier places) but we did want to go somewhere warmer where there was no snow and we could ride our bikes.
We are now in Twentynine Palms, a few miles from Joshua Tree National Park.
Last night we spent the night in an axillary parking lot of a Truck Stop near Bakersfield. It was about half way to Joshua Tree, and just a convenient spot.
We got up this morning and had breakfast at Denny's. Jim had his first 'senior' meal. 
The Senior Waffle Grand Slam...in honor of yesterday being "National Waffle Day."

Much of the scenery today was like this. The cool looking vintage/grunge photo effect is actually our dirty windshield.
We stopped here on the way to JT but sadly they were closed... so we were unable to reap it's many benefits.
The Inegratron  
tsk checking out the desert....

Tomorrow the plan is to ride into Joshua Tree. It's 10 miles uphill to get there it should make for an interesting morning. Will post pix tomorrow.
Stay tuned...


  1. you all has such a good time! tsk so cute checking out desert looks beautiful and food nommy! xoxo

  2. TSk is SOOOOO ADORABLE on your dash!! OMB!! i just wanna MWUAH MWUAH MWUAH!!! xoxox - ZackRabbit

  3. Oh, tsk, I bet there are new smells in the desert. Stay away from those slithery things that go ssssssssss!
    Hope we see you soon. Love Tallulah Belle

  4. Wow always a col view on another part of the world. thank,you!!

  5. Cool blog! So glad you're having a good trip. Can't wait to hear about Joshua Tree. ((HUGS))

  6. I wish you would visit me! Tsk you look like your having fun! xo

  7. The Integraton looks fascinating. You go the most interesting places.

  8. @justanothertrnd DUSTY: Wow, you're sure seeing interesting sights and tsk is smelling nice desert smells. HURLEY: Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Miss Dana.

  9. looks like tsk is a lucky kitty to get to go on urs great trips xoxo tweetypie54

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