Monday, February 27, 2012

After a good night's sleep, tsk under the blankies, and a successful preparation of coffee and breakfast,
it was time to head out on the bikes. A mostly sunny, but cold and breezy day when we started off.
Leaving tsk in the comfort of the RV with sunpuddles coming in the windows we rode off to parts unknown (ok, we did look on a map before we left).
Destinations were West Dry Creek, East Dry Creek, Alexander Valley, Geyserville, back to Cloverdale.
All in all a 53.5 mile ride. That's a big ride for the middle of winter! 
There was a stop at the Dry Creek General Store for a yummy panini, and thanks to another Twitter connection, Alexander Valley Vineyards (home of Sin Zin) for a wee bit of wine tasting
(thanks, Harry!).
Dry Creek vineyards
Jim riding along one of the many scenic roads

Alexander Valley
A place Jim would like to park his bike often
Inside the cave at AVV, for barrel tasting

On the way back to tsk and the RV we saw this sign... there are slow pixies here?!?!
We have had a good shakedown trip and have enjoyed our time here. There is some weather coming so we will head back home tomorrow. Not quite ready to tackle driving the RV in the rain.

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