Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Trip to Trout Creek...

.....gym that is.
After a few days in Sacramento for a birthday dinner for my dad with the family we decided we better get back up the hill and beat the storm. It has been a very dry winter here in the Sierra Nevada mountains, very little snow so far. This time last year we were well on our way to being buried by snow above our windows. So far the winter has not included any snow sports. No alpine or nordic skiing, no snowshoeing, no snowboarding. Just very cold trail runs and mountain biking.
But snow is on the way! It's snowing as I type this...
But until there is enough to ski on we might be spending more time at the Trout Creek gym. And it gave me a good chance to test out my new @Gripads. website here  I have always worn weight lifting gloves at the gym for two reasons: the dumbbells and barbells are rough so they don't slip and i have small hands and the gloves help with grip. So the Gripads looked like a good way to go and thought I would try them.
Here are some photos of our time at the gym.
The Gripads
first a little cardio..
Jim rowing
Gripads in action, worked well!
Weight and Cardio rooms
Trout Creek Rec Center. The snow was starting to fall when we left.....
Hopefully our next post will include some snowy sporty pix!

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  1. Great pictures. We keep getting about an inch every other day - not enough to use the snow blower on, but just enough to shovel.