Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Opening Day at TDXC

Better late than never! Continuing the odd winter thus far, we had a few waves of snow storms come through over the weekend. Enough snow so that the small downhill area, which doesn't have snow making equipement, and the nordic area were able to open today....albeit with limited terrain.
So it's time to get the skinny skis out. But before you can ski, you must wax.
Wax on.....Wax off.....

melting the wax, rubbing on the ski
Iron the wax into the ski
once wax has cooled, scrape off the wax
brush with hard and soft brushes, then ready to go....
oh wait....only one down, three to go... And the contents of my wax kit.
tsk wants to ski too!! (or doesn't want us to go...)
Jim on the trail, showing good form as always.

Dana on the trail
All in all a good first day nordic skate skiing. Hard as always, but a good workout. They need more snow, but the forecast for the next week has nary a flake, and warming temps.
It this it? All we get?


  1. Looks like you had a fun first outing. And now you have the skis ready for next time. Maybe TSK would like to go for a short trip in a snugly back pack? Or, maybe not. He can keep a spot on the couch warm for you when you return.

  2. I am so glad a favourited your blog, I did appreciate it

  3. diamondbertie loves reading your blogs and seeing you photos

  4. we are jealous of your energy, especially TSB. and your coordination. she CAN walk on ice though pretty well... because she's mastered the art of letting the slipping leg go and staying planted with the other foot when she does slip. and falls don't phase her as much... rubber butt we think MOL! we are enjoying nice weather here and do not miss the snow one bit. we've had enough rain the last few months to kill any need for snow.