Saturday, May 17, 2014

Daffy Does Agility

We signed Daffy up for Beginning Agility Class
with Meredith Gage's Pawsitive Experience
after seeing her on the local news giving 'pet tips. 
Today was the first class and Daffy did great!

The class is being held at the Bend Pet Resort.
Daffy met goats!
There is a nice fenced yard with the obstacles set up.
Meredith and some of our fellow classmates
First obstacle today was the Table. Daffy had no problems getting up, and 'stayed' pretty well.
Meredith used Daffy as an example for a few of the routines.
Like Ingrid always said, Daffy is very 'food driven'.

Next obstacle was the Barrel, again Daffy did good!
She even went thru the Tunnel!
With both the Barrel and the Tunnel, once she got inside, Daffy made sure that she didn't miss any treats dropped by the other dogs.

Meredith showing Daffy the Jumps
Jim taking Daffy thru the Jumps.
All in all we think Daffy had a good time, she was ready to participate and looked forward to her turn. We have some homework.... working on her 'stays' (which she is pretty good at...for the most part) and we are looking forward to the next class!


  1. Dana, I think you & Jim will enjoy this agility class as much as Daffy does. Hopefully you'll keep all of Daffy's friends, which are numerous, up-to-date with her training. LOVED the Barrel & Tunnel exercise where she made sure she didn't miss a treat. Now THAT's one smart doggie. But we already knew that, lol. June (noahzbark)

  2. This just makes us grin! How much fun you all are having! She's going to be a star for sure! Huge Hugs.

  3. Dana, you and Jim are giving Daffy such an exciting new home and opportunities for wonderful activities. It warms our hearts each time we read about and see pics of Daffy. Thank you... especially for keeping your promise to Ingrid, and taking Daffy into your home, sight-unseen. You, Jim, tsk, and Daffy make a beautiful family! Love you, Scribe, Pop, and Hurley

  4. Dana, bless you and Jim for doing this for Daffy. Ingrid always said Daffy was very smart and needed something like this. I'm sure Ingrid is beaming in heaven just watching Daffy work.

  5. This is so cool, watching Daffy learning agility. It is also a great illustration - for those of us who don't already know - of how to teach a dog to do agility. Thanks for sharing another part of Daffy's great new life.

    Ruthie and Bella the Rat Terrier princess (neither of whom writes in our blog;-)