Friday, July 19, 2013

Another SUP

Sparks Lake
Today we went for a SUP on another of the hundreds of Lakes that make up the Cascade Lakes.
This lake is very different than Hosmer. Sparks Lake is much more volcanic. Lots of rocks on the shoreline. Though still a clear lake we didn't see many fish.
Still, it was very pretty and we had a great time.

These two sweet girls were waiting for their person to load his kayak. They let us give them lots of pets!

South Sister in the distance from Sparks Lake

Broken Top behind the trees
About half of the lake is surrounded by lava rock
Jim looking pretty strong in the middle of the lake

a little floating....

Lunch break, PBJ and water.

Broken Top

This woman was training her little dog to ride on her SUP.

This big guy looks totally comfortable.

Jim working on his kneeling stroke

Paddling back to shore

South Sister and Broken Top, Sparks Lake, and our boards.
Stay tuned... lots more lakes to paddle on!

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