Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fiber, Fur, and Fun

Today was Fiber Market Day in Prineville, a town about 40 miles from Bend. We have been looking forward to going since they advertised that is was for spinners, knitters, and FELTERS! yay!
Nothing like seeing the roving in person, feeling with your hands, seeing the true colors.
Plus the added bonus of having the fiber producing critters there! So off we went.
The town of Prineville from the overlook
smiling alpaca
rabbits, sheep, alpaca, llama

The Fiber Market
our purchases, waiting to become something cool!
We had a nice time at the market, and glad we went. Since we were in the area we decided to drive along a scenic byway to a hiking area. The Crooked River Canyon is a river walled in by towering layer-cake basalt cliffs. The hike takes you up a juniper and sage canyon, across a plateau to Chimney Rock.

That's where we are hiking up to!

From the top, The Sisters
Chimney Rock
We had a nice outing, exploring new towns, and seeing new things.
And the new roving is calling our name to make something! A cat cave is next I do believe!


  1. What beautiful colors you found..And the views of those open different from what I see

  2. TSK needs a wool bed. Sheep, alpaca, llama, long as it's warm & cozy.