Monday, April 2, 2012

Last Leg....

...of our trip. Dropping the RV off at storage, then making our way back up the hill.
All in all we had a good time. The weather wasn't always perfect, and the scenery wasn't always pretty we were able to get on our bikes and ride. And we did have sunshine with no snow.
But the best thing of all was that we were all together.
tsk ready to drive!
A relaxed tsk on my lap while we are on the road.
One thing we did see while staying at some RV parks was the real 'snowbirds'. Folks that come from Canada, Montana, Wisconsin, etc and spend 6 months at the RV parks where it's warm. Many of them were starting to pack up and make their way home where the snow is starting to melt.
At our house, sadly, it's been snowing...a lot... while we have been gone. Seems winter is here now. 
Might have to plan another trip soon!


  1. Being all together is the best part. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us! TSK looks so happy!
    Snowbirds are leaving here now; that signals 100 degree weather and hurricane season~ Joy bells :)

  2. So happy you have your RV now so you can all be together. You can see TSK is very content being an RVer too - he's right at home. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. i always enjoy your posts.